About Us

Website Template

This site template has been created by JSM to demonstrate the Home Page and site navigation structure for this professional services site design.  Populated with sample content, the site and / or the site components can be modified to other sectors and brand identities.

Who are JSM?

Established in 2007 JSM is digital marketing agency providing competitively priced business to business marketing solutions including web design, marketing system integration and new business development services. By working closely with our clients to build a clear understanding of their proposition and specific market dynamics, we provide them with a dynamic online presence that drives qualified inbound leads for their business.

We are on a mission…

…to make digital work for SME’s. Since 2010, an explosion of new technologies and techniques altered the marketing mix for most businesses.  The speed of this digital revolution proved challenging for many SME’s seeking to establish ownership of their digital marketing process.  However, an emergent generation of marketing software tools are democratising best practice digital marketing.  From web design to e-marketing to marketing automation, these tools are simplifying once complex and technical marketing tasks at a price point that is well within the reach of most SME’s.